The Orange Appeal Store

We are The Orange Appeal Store- your newest partner for NextHome merchandise! We are an online boutique, that offers a very personal touch to brokers and agents nationwide.

We are located in Northern California just an hour away from the NextHome Corporate Office. We are looking forward to partnering with NextHome Franchise to deliver branded pieces cohesive with NextHome standards- while staying affordable!

Our core line of products have been developed in partnership with the owner of All Things Real Estate, Tracey Hicks. We have taken her top sellers and branded them with NextHome flair! What NextHomies will find new and refreshing about The Orange Appeal Store is our heavy focus on open house interior signage, testimonial props and other marketing tools to support the listing experience. We will also have the essentials that everyone loves, accessories and apparel. In the near future, we are planning to expand into categories including office decor and customized options.

Contact Information: